A Cool New Product


Let’s face it, your cooler is pretty boring. Well, there’s a Kickstarter out there set to make your cooler become the focus of your weekend in the sun – fittingly, it’s called The Coolest.

The Coolest is way more than just an old school cooler. It comes with built in bluetooth speakers, a blender, a cutting board, storage for plates and a knife, a phone charger, and more. It truly is all you could need for a picnic, day at the beach, boat cruise, you name it this cooler has everything you need.

The Kickstarter has already tripled it’s fundraising goal and the cooler is projected to ship this fall. We love to see creative innovation on everyday products, and this is truly a cool one.

What Sparks our Fire: Seeing innovation on an everyday product that has remained untouched for decades.

What is your favorite feature of The Coolest?

Project Everything


Today it seems like everyone is trying to “cut the cord” and get away from traditional television. With more and more internet TV providers, it’s becoming a much more viable option. But, the issue many people face is that they still need a TV to fill their big screen needs – because who wants to stare at their phone or laptop to binge watch a season of HBO’s Game of Thrones?

ODIN, a innovative projector that fits in your pocket and comes loaded with features, is currently fundraising on Kickstarter. It runs on the Android operating system, so it has easy access to many apps. It can also connect to your computer or phone to broadcast. Add in high quality speakers and this is truly a killer device.

Uses for this span beyond just broadcasting your TV shows, but it can also be used at work to project presentations onto any wall or screen. It operates with wi-fi connectivity and runs on a long lasting battery.

Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon FireTV all offer similar features, but must run through a TV. ODIN has developed a solution for those who want access to their internet shows without having to purchase an expensive large screen.

What Sparks our Fire: Another product that gives us even more of a reason to finally cut the cord with cable companies.

Is this the product you’ve been waiting for to help you cut the cord?

At a Glance

Today everyone is making a smartwatch. The tech gods have deemed the smartwatch as the new technology frontier all big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung are going to tackle. But, what if you don’t want to turn in your expensive traditional watch, but want the benefits of a smartwatch?

Glance, a Kickstarter project, allows you to combine your own watch with smart features. It fits right under the wristband of your watch and can do some amazing things. Watch the video to see all of the features; from being able to call your phone when you’ve misplaced it (oops, it happens to the best of us), to being able to respond to texts with a motion.

What Sparks our Fire: A creative way to add smartphone features to my current watch without investing in a new one.

Is this the solution you were looking for to the smartwatch/dumbwatch debate?

Brew on the Go

You already know we love coffee. You also know we love smart innovations that make our lives easier, and more caffeinated. Hey Joe Coffee is here with the newest product to make our coffee addiction even more convenient.

Hey Joe Coffee has created a brand new mug that brews coffee on the go. You no longer need to stop by your favorite coffee shop after leaving your house in the morning. Instead, you can now easily brew it from a portable 14oz mug. Has your coffee cooled off from sitting on your desk? Hey Joe will also heat it up for you just as easily.

The ability to brew a fresh cup on the commute in, now that’s what we call killing two birds with one stone.

The Kickstarter campaign is currently receiving funding and they hope to start shipping this fall.

What Sparks Our Fire: Companies continually being able to find ways to fuel our coffee addiction that much more conveniently.

How often would you brew on the go?

Smart Headphones


Just when you thought everything in your life was smart – Smartphone, Smart Car, Smart thermostat, Smart fridge, Smart mirror (patent pending) – your headphones are now getting more intelligent.

Not only does the Dash blast music in your ears, it also checks your heart rate, oxygen saturation, and energy spent, making it a great gym headset, especially since it’s cordless. It also has a built in ear-bone microphone, 4 gigabytes of storage, and the ability to play music without an attached smartphone. As well, through exhaustive research, the developers have defined three sizes of earphone, which will fit snugly with three points of contact in any ear. The obvious passive noise cancellation inherent in earphones can be attenuated via a “transparent sound” feature, activated by a swipe on the surface of the earphone.


With a Kickstarter campaign that’s already doubled its asking price, it’s no surprise the people want their headphones to be as smart as their phones.

What Sparks Our Fire: The Internet of Things claims its newest convert.

Would you want the Dash?