Let’s be honest here


Let’s be honest, a lot can be said about a company based on its logo and slogan. But do these brands live up to their positioning? Despite honest logos and truthful advertising, brand slogans can be brutally dishonest. Checkout these customer centric slogans above generated by Buzzfeed.

What sparked our fire: The honesty in these slogans is more appealing than the slogans themselves.

Are these slogans realistic?


-Canopy Team

If logos could talk


Paris-based art group, Maentis, recently redesigned many classic brand logos in a collection entitled, Universal Unbranding. Drawing upon how American’s really perceive many popular consumer brands, Maentis has created satirical interpretations. For example, McDonald’s “golden arches” have now packed on a few pounds and the IKEA logo is shown deconstructed in multiple pieces humorously hinting some assembly required.

What sparked our fire: How art is used to humorously disrupt and expose truths through culture-jamming.

Do these intelligent parodies more accurately represent what their companies stand for?


-Canopy Team