In response to the inescapable iOS voice command agent Siri, Microsoft has created its own female-voiced assistant. Named Cortana for a character from the popular Halo game series, The Verge has reported how the virtual assistant looks and operates. This software will replace the native Bing search function, with many of the same features that Siri operates, including a personality, internet search, and other normal functions. An important new feature is the ability for Cortana to save data to the Notebook system, which will allow it to access information such as  location data, behaviors, personal information, reminders, and contact information, as well as tracking email mentions to create notification reminders.


Microsoft is expected to release the software at the Build conference later this year.

What Sparks Our Fire: Healthy competition leads only to improvement.

What are some features you’d like to see on Cortana?

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Have you ever wanted to physically move information across makeshift screens like they do in the movies? Thanks to Microsoft and UBI Interactive, your wish has come true! Users can now project their computer screens onto nearly any surface and personally move the information with the touch of their fingertip. The innovative technology uses Microsoft’s motion-sensing hardware, Kinect, and works on surfaces such as walls, tables and glass.

Pushing for greater human collaboration, this technology has the capacity to benefit a diverse set of industries. Retail chains can implement interactive store displays, teachers can engage their students in hands-on lesson plans, and architects can turn their blueprint visions into reality.

Anup Chatoth, Ubi Co-founder and Chief Executive, says by turning any surface into a screen, they can eliminate the need for hardware thereby reducing costs, creating endless possibilities for their consumers. The software went on sale this week and ranges in price from $149 to $1,499.

What sparked our fire: The ability to turn nearly any surface into a fully functioning touch screen.

How long before we live in a screen-less world?


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