Make Anything Your Speaker

SoundVibe1Have you ever wondered what the vibrations of an object sound like? Seaval Soundvibe, a speaker system, turns anything that can vibrate into a speaker. For instance, stick the device on a guitar, fridge, dashboard, or even a beer can, and convert these objects into a speaker. How cool is that.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.54.03 AMWith a $58 USD price tag, the gadget is easy to carry around and comes in multiple colors. All you have to do is stick one end of the device against anything you think will make a nice sound and the other end into your phone or tablet to enjoy the unique tunes that emit.

What Sparks Our fire: A handy little piece of technology that can set the mood.

What are your favorite music accessories? Could this become part of your list?


Need a Hand?


Sometimes you find yourself in need of a little help. And when your network of friends who are skilled enough and willing to lend a hand runs out, you need another resource on where to turn. Fiverr has raised around $30 million for their website that can simply lend a hand when you need it.

Fiverr allows you to hire someone to help you with a specific service, starting at just $5. Need someone to design your business a logo? Record a jingle for you? Or review your resume for you? All of these services can be found on Fiverr. If you choose to pay more than just $5 you can get even more extensive services.

We aren’t suggesting you rely on Fiverr for every service you need. But, it’s great to know that for just five bucks, you could easily find someone to lend a hand.

What Sparks our Fire: Seeing new services that can ultimately help with anything

What would you use Fiverr for?

No Signal, No Problem!


We so heavily rely on our cell phones that it has become impossible to live without them, and signal outages can cause major issues. For example, during Hurricane Sandy, many family members were unable to contact with their loved ones to let them know they were safe because of downed cell towers. Or sometimes, although less serious, it’s SO important for you to get that video of Jay Z and Beyonce to all of your friends from their crowded concert.

goTenna is an awesome device that allows you to send text messages without Wi-Fi or cell service. The device can connect to your cell phone via bluetooth, and by using the associated app, allows you to send a text from anywhere. So now, when you go to text your friends while at a crowded venue, you won’t have any problems. It also allows you to easily share your location in the event of an emergency, and has a “Shout” feature that allows you to contact anyone within range.

If you preorder now, it is available for $149.99, which is 50% off. Check it out, and never have issues getting out a message again.

What Sparks our Fire: Being able to text anyone, from anywhere, no matter what.

Will you buy a goTenna?

Say Goodbye to Cash


Okay, so maybe this only applies to those attending Lollapalooza this summer. It isn’t officially time to rid ourselves of those green bills just yet. But, that does seem like a reality we are getting even closer to.

It was just announced that attendees of the three day music festival will be given wristbands to replace their wallets. Festival attendees will log their credit card information into a system and receive a bracelet using near-field connectivity technology allowing them to touch their wrist to the screen, enter a pin number and make a payment at all vendors. The wristband also function as the entry ticket for attendees so there is no way around not having one.

This is a great move forward for mobile payment systems. Not only does it make it easier for concert goers not to have to worry about carrying cash and credit cards around with them, but it’s a great sign for the future uses of devices like smartwatches. We could be approaching a time where something like a wristband will completely replace the credit card and leave cash even further behind in the dust.

What Sparks our Fire: Seeing an organization take advantage of new technologies and paving the way for innovative payment gateways at music festivals.

Where do you see the future of payments going?