ACTION! The movie formula

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Roland Emmerich, director of legendary films such as Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012, recently interviewed with Co.Create to discuss how he is refreshing the action movie formula. He breaks his creative formula into four sections: laughing, pay off, testing and energy. Find out how this formula works.

What sparks our fire: The layered dimensions of creativity.

Does formula remove the beauty of realtime movie production?


– Canopy Team

Can wood covered electronics make a comeback?


Until about 30 years ago, most electronic gadgets like TVs and speakers were encased in a wide variety of wood. Today most electronics are encased in plastic or metal. There are two main reasons for this transition. Follow the link Here to find out why and  to learn about the modern benefits of wood encased products.

What sparks our fire: Challenging our perception of material strength.

Do you think wood covered electronics can make a comeback?


-Canopy Team


Swim the East River?!?

Ever dreamed of swimming in New York City’s East River? + Pool (Plus Pool)  is making this a reality very soon. +Pool, designed by FamilyNewYork, will float in the East River, while cleaning and filtering the river water. Not only will this process allow New Yorkers to swim in the iconic river for the first time in over 100 years, it will expedite the daunting process of cleaning up New York’s rivers.

What sparks our fire:  Sustainable solutions that provide access, encourage engagement and clean the environment.

Would you swim in this pool? Why or why not?

Checkout the video and the pictures below:


-Canopy Team

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