Marc-eting 101: Activate Effectively


We asked Canopy’s Managing Director, Marc Sampogna, “What is your #1 marketing tip that is both effective and profitable?” Find out what he had to say below.

The ability to paint the entire picture across every touch-point, activate it seamlessly and make it shareable will ultimately result in success and profitability for your brand. If you’re developing an ad campaign, how do you generate a conversation around it and optimize it across other applications? If you’ve developed a new website, how do you create an engagement strategy that elicits conversation and conversions? The answer, a strong “activation plan”, and it involves multiple items to make it work: SEO, social media, advertising or packaging for that matter. Develop a strategically sound plan that brings them all together, and broadcasts a consistent message. It’s an investment, but it will create loyalty, which results in profitability and results.


Go Ahead, Eat It!


The last time you finished a bag of chips or some other tasty snack, you probably crumpled the bag unhappily in your hand and looked for a trash receptacle, or shoved it in your bag and found it later, probably with the same amount of unhappiness. Fortunately, there might soon be a delicious solution to your plastic problem: wrappers you can eat.

The project, called WikiCells, seeks to use “natural packaging” to keep foods fresh in an edible, nontoxic way. It has been speculated that this packaging could actually be used to season or flavor the food it protects, such as a fruity packaging for yogurt, or a chocolate membrane for hot chocolate. The possibilities are incredible, and may just be able to solve the plastic problem that has been plaguing our landfills.

What sparked our fire: The nature of which doctors are lending their expertise to help reduce our plastic waste problem.

How will the emerging edible wrapper technology effect the consumer packaged goods industry?