Like Water Off A Duck’s Back


Actually, for all our sakes, please wash your shirt. Even if the shirt repels any and all water-based liquid in the same way that a smelly shirt repels a date. This shirt uses hydrophobic technology, which are in essence nano particles embedded in the shirt’s fabric that create a minuscule layer of air between the water and the particle, in essence shedding the liquid droplets, leading to the world’s first completely stainless shirt.

Hydrophobic substances aren’t a new innovation. However, previous iterations of the substance have not been very applicable to daily use. Certain spray-on versions aren’t permanent and need to be constantly re-applied, as well as ruining the clothes that they get on. This shirt is created with the technology already within the fabric, in addition to a stylish fit, so we have to assume that’s what makes it worth the $50 per shirt commitment.

The Kickstarter campaign is currently at four times the funding goal, so these shirts should be ready to ship sometime in May.

What Sparks Our Fire: Nanotechnology is the future. We just need to find applications for it.

Is this shirt worth $50?