Let’s Be Frank: Cheers To The Great Inventors


Here’s to the great “brand inventors” of our time. They were the inspiration and driving force behind the brands we have come to love. Their ideas are timeless and they fought hard to bring them to life. We like that and are inspired by these extraordinary thinkers and doers…the great inventors. The one’s who followed an unfiltered approach to success. This is the sentiment behind Ideas without Borders, the platform on which Canopy rests.

Following are some you know and some you may not.

Information Overload: Larry Page and Sergey Brinn
Invented the most efficient tool ever known to man for getting information about anything and everything. Google.

Mom’s Solution to Temper Tantrums: Ruth Handler
Invented every little girl’s best friend growing up and every Mom’s solution to a temper tantrum. The Barbie Doll.

Scooped: Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield
Inventive founders who scooped the category with humor, social responsibility and oh so good ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Jeanius: Levi Strauss
A true blue inventor who put the rivets and red tab in jeans for millions worldwide. Levi’s.

Mobile Music: Nobutoshi Kihara
Revolutionized how and where we listen to music. Sony Walkman.

Triple Threat: Elon Musk
The definition of all-in: inventor, businessman, and investor. Tesla Motors, PayPal and SpaceX.


Marc-eting 101: Be Fearless, Get Ahead.










Marc Sampogna, Canopy’s Managing Director, was recently asked to give his best advice on being fearless and getting ahead. Check out what he had to say below.

The best advice I can offer to young entrepreneurs looking to succeed is to be proactive rather than reactive. Seeking out opportunities that can inspire and drive you versus waiting for them to be put in front of you is key. In addition, to be an entrepreneur is to uncover an idea, product or service that captures people’s attention in ways they never realized. That means, taking risks that you can validate and are calculated. Strategically sound individuals will succeed over those who just jump in blindly. Lastly, surround yourself with people smarter than yourself. If the people around you and their ideas or thinking don’t challenge you, then you are not maximizing potential. You should partner with those who can elicit a debate and shed new light on things that you may never have thought of. It will make your idea, product, and/or service that much stronger.