Keeping Cool


A few weeks ago we wrote about The Coolest, a cooler that does just about everything you’d imagine a cooler could do. Well, we were wrong. The IcyBreeze cooler doesn’t have all of the features of The Coolest, but it does have one that sets it apart.

This cooler doesn’t just keep your drinks cold, it also cools you with a built in air conditioner. Now when you’re enjoying your summer weekend on the beach you can easily cool off without having to get wet. Simply fill the cooler with two quarts of water, ice, and beverages and the rechargeable battery will keep you cool for up to seven hours.

This summer the cooler really seems to be the center of everyone’s attention. The Coolest is now the third most funded Kickstarter project ever hauling in over $7.5 million dollars as I write this with 31 days left. The IcyBreeze isn’t fundraising and is the basic cooler ($279) is available for pre-order.

What Sparks our Fire: Even more innovation in an area that has lacked for decades.

Which do you prefer – The Coolest or The IcyBreeze?

A Cool New Product


Let’s face it, your cooler is pretty boring. Well, there’s a Kickstarter out there set to make your cooler become the focus of your weekend in the sun – fittingly, it’s called The Coolest.

The Coolest is way more than just an old school cooler. It comes with built in bluetooth speakers, a blender, a cutting board, storage for plates and a knife, a phone charger, and more. It truly is all you could need for a picnic, day at the beach, boat cruise, you name it this cooler has everything you need.

The Kickstarter has already tripled it’s fundraising goal and the cooler is projected to ship this fall. We love to see creative innovation on everyday products, and this is truly a cool one.

What Sparks our Fire: Seeing innovation on an everyday product that has remained untouched for decades.

What is your favorite feature of The Coolest?