The Best Group Task Management App


There are many task manager apps out there but Wunderlist remains our favorite with its eye-catching design and a set of handy tools. The option to assign tasks to specific people and monitor all parts of your team’s projects alone makes Wunderlist arguably the best task management app out there.

Wunderlist is simple and comes with a minimalistic interface to help you create as many lists as you need that instantly sync between your phone, tablet and computer, making them accessible anywhere. In addition, the app makes it easy to start conversations about your to-dos with family, friends and colleagues. Also, you can attach photos, PDFs, presentations, and Dropbox files to share your work and delegate to-dos. Finally, Wunderlist is equipped with a reminder function to ensure you never forget important deadlines ever again.

Wunderlist is free to download and Wunderlist Pro is available for under $5 to help you experience even more: unlimited access to files, subtasks, etc. You can find the app for  iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows Phone, Windows, Chromebook, Kindle Fire and on the Web.

Last week, Wunderlist introduced Wunderlist for Chrome. With this new functionality, you can replace your new tab page with a lightweight version of Wunderlist that lets you quickly add new to-dos straight into your Inbox.

‘Ideas can strike like lightning. Now when they come to mind, you can instantly capture them just by opening a new tab’. -Google Chrome

What Sparks Our Fire: A simple tools for team collaboration and task management.

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Dining In On A Different Level


Do you love connecting over delicious food and sometimes wish you could bring the intimacy of a restaurant to your own home? Dream no more because now, having a private chef cook dinner at your house could be as easy as a swiping your smartphone.

Kitchensurfing has managed to create a online community that redefines the idea of eating, by bringing you a spontaneous culinary experience into your space. The service allows anyone to find and book outstanding local chefs (professional or amateur) to cook for you, in your home, at prices that are competitive with restaurants. The booking includes your meal, gratuity and kitchen clean-up.

So, if you find yourself with a house full of guests, without a desire to cook or clean, and are willing to spend, try Kitchensurfing. Or, be creative and use Kitchensurfing for an epic night of exotic food degustation for a bachelorette party night.

Currently Kitchensurfing is only available in New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC and Berlin but is in the process of expanding to more cities. If you are not living in those areas, be patient. Meanwhile, you can Kitchensurf on Instagram or Facebook and take note of yummy food pictures.

What Sparks Our Fire: An innovative and easy way to bring a restaurant atmosphere to your home.

On what occasion would you use Kitchensurfing?

A Smarter Way To Network


Most business cards end up in the trash or stored in a drawer, becoming forgotten in an instant. This has resulted in a number of creative attempts to innovate this networking utility in ways that will make them more effective.

Introducing swivelCard, the latest product in this space, which integrates a printed USB drive with a regular business card. When folded up and inserted into a USB port, it directs the recipient to open a web page. What’s cool is, that site address can be changed after the fact, so you could hand a prospective client a business card that leads to your homepage and, subsequently, have that particular card navigate to a different page instead.

swivelCards can also be tracked as to their location and the times when the cards are used. In addition to standing out from the crowd of normal business cards, you can give your swivelCard with pictures, videos and presentations for the anyone to check out. Plus, analytics through a back-end software interface will allow you to access helpful information about your cards and how they are being used.

What Sparks Our Fire: A business card that people will actually remember, keep and use

What information would you share on your swivelCard?