The Clapper 2.0


Next up on the “Internet of Things” (at this point, putting it in quotes is probably passe), the app and gadget can do pretty much anything in your house you want it to, and see everything in the room, and attaches to the internet. So if you’re with the NSA, stop reading right now.

In addition, the gadget and app, known as Piper, attaches to devices that can be plugged in with Z Wave plug adapters, giving you remote control over anything that can be switched on and off. In essence, this functions as a set of if/then commands that allow the device to act as both an automatic light switch and a break-in alarm. For instance, if you walk into the room the lights can turn on, or if you’re not home and someone walks into the room an alarm can go off.

This system, at a price of $359, is a lot cheaper than many things we’ve seen to help internet your house, and cheaper than many home security options. The device stores data locally, so there’s no chance of lost footage, and provides vital stats for the home environment, including humidity, noise level, indoor and region temperatures. As well, a future update could include voice commands, so you could literally order the lights on as you walk into a room.

What Sparks Our Fire: Making the Internet of Things so commonplace and normal that it seems redundant to put it in quotes, like “Facebook”, or “Incandescent Light-bulb”.

Would you want a gadget like this to have full control over your devices?

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