The Cup That Knows Exactly What You Are Drinking


Health-related gadgets are all the rage these days, from smart wristbands to apps that track what you consume. Those devices focus mainly on monitoring your exercise level and/or allow you to manually enter the food you consume in order to track the nutritional value. But, what we often forget is what we drink may be more important to our health than we think. According to the National Health and Nutrition Education Survey, beverages are the number one single source of calories and sugar. So, tracking you beverage intake throughout the day can translate to big changes over time, and transform your life.

This insight alone has led the team at Mark One, to create a new device, called Vessyl, a revolutionary product that can accurately identify your drink, tell you how many calories you are consuming, let you know how hydrated you are, and alert you when it’s time to drink again, based on factors like body weight and activity level. In a nutshell, Vessyl is the other half of the fitness equation. So, how does it work?

The cup uses advanced sensors to determine the molecular composition of any liquid poured into it whether it’s coffee, beer, vodka, tea, etc. It can even recognize brands and flavors. For instance, it can tell you the difference between Pepsi or Coke. In addition to displaying calories information and name of beverage on the the cup, all data will be sent into a smartphone app through bluetooth where you can check how much calories you’ve just sipped, how much remains in the cup and other nutrition and health details.


Vessyl comes in three colors – white, grey or black. The cup is a 13-oz mug made of glass-like material and is easy to carry around.The sliding lid of the cup is spill proof and it has a non-stick interior, making it easy to clean. The battery live is last five to seven day life for 60 minutes wireless charge. Vessyl can be pre-order from company’s website, with an early 2015 ship date.

What Sparks Our Fire: A device helps us make healthier and more informed decisions of what we drink.

Will you let Vessyl become your new life companion?

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