The Device That Will Help You Drink Responsibly


While spending time in the Israeli military, Jonathan Ofir discovered an alarming statistic: more soldiers died from drunk driving than in combat. In addition to his findings, every year in the US alone, there are more than 10K deaths related to drunk driving. Both realizations were the inspiration for Alcohoot, a creative solution to a growing problem and an interactive way to monitor your drinking habits and make responsible decisions. The device is easy to use and provides consistent and accurate results.

How it works: Download the app on Apple or Android, then plug the police-grade sensor into your phone, breath into the custom mouthpiece and the app uses your gender, age, weight and height to determine your blood alcohol level (BAC) on-the-go. Alcohoot can also suggest local restaurants around you or call you a taxi home. You can even set a target BAC level and the app will set a countdown timer, so you know how long it will take for the effects of that cocktail to wear off.


Alcohoot is a winner of The 2014 Red Dot Design Award. A prize awarded for high design quality.

What Sparks Our Fire: A useful and simple device that can help you make smarter, safer choices.

Would you give Alcohoot a try?

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