The Most Frustrating Thing In The World

The most frustrating thing in the world is not your mother-in-law, or job searching, or tuition debt. No, the most frustrating thing in the world is getting ketchup out of a glass bottle. Seriously, it ruins my week every time. Thank god we have MIT to fix this, or I’d need to be committed.

The bottle in the video above has been coated with an almost frictionless substance called LiquiGlide, that prevents even the tiniest bit of ketchup from remaining in the bottle. PhD candidate Dave Smith states that a million of pounds of food waste could be saved if every bottle or container was coated with this substance, meaning you could get every little last bit of mayonnaise out of the bottle.

The biggest challenge they faced was keeping the product FDA approved, which they could only do with a limited amount of materials, which they have patented the heck out of. But they’ve already seen results: recently LiquiGlide came in second place in MIT’s $100k Entrepreneurship Competition. Not bad for a ketchup bottle.

What Sparks Our Fire: Solving that ketchup bottle problem and saving my sanity.

Do you think bottles and containers coated with this substance will make life easier?

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