The Power of Movement


We’ve covered devices before that power your smartphone off the grid, creating power with fire. Now, you won’t even need the fire. The Genneo Mobile Charger is an alternative power source that harnesses the energy of movement and converts it to electricity.

Like most movement-based chargers, the Genneo uses electromagnetic energy generated by the movement of a magnet through wire coils, which creates a small charge. The design is similar to a shaker flashlight, but co-founder of Genneo, Blake Isaacs, improved the functionality of that design to a point where a consistent charge can be provided, where 7 hours of movement can lead to 1 hour of talk time. This is not a huge amount of power, but for off-the-grid, non-fire sources, you really can’t do much better.

What Sparks Our Fire: Completely sustainable energy, off the grid, but WITHOUT fire. Nifty.

Do you think the charge is worth the movement?

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