What If… Instagram Launched a Line of Sunglasses?

If Instagram made sunglasses, how would they look? What would they be called? How would they change your perspective? Here at Canopy, we have created a passion project by randomly pairing a consumer brand with a completely unrelated product to see what unfolds.

Our unfiltered approach to creative thinking allows us to bend the rules from time to time. Introducing our Instragram inspired line of sunglasses: #Filters…

Instragram allows users to capture, customize, and share all of life’s priceless moments. Instagram #Filters sunglasses transforms each moment into one that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Toaster: It’s getting hot in here!Toaster

Valencia: Como se llama bonita? Valencia

Brannan: Be sky high! Brannan

Kelvin: Thermodynamics just got sexy! Kelvin

1977: Vintage never goes out of style. 1977

Sutro: Focus on what you want! Sutro

Finally, add a personal touch by customizing your sunglasses case! sunglassescase

What sparked our fire?

The opportunity to view the world differently each day through a (digital turned physical) lens. An innovative perspective that makes every moment fashionable, fun, friendly and fantastical.

Do you have a unique brand/product combination you’d like to see brought to life? Write, tweet, insta or message us and we’ll take a crack at it!

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