Wingmate: The Ultimate Fashion Accessory For Men

Everyone is familiar with the term “wingmate”, referring to a loyal friend who always has your back, but now it’s taken on new meaning. The Wingmate fashion accessory is a double-sided triangle that adheres to your clothes to solve pesky wardrobe issues. The brand is modern and sophisticated, but with an edge to it. Catering to a male audience who understands the value of always looking your best.

Floppy collars, flying ties or pocket squares? Wingmate’s got you covered! Let’s face it, metal collar nor plastic ones don’t always get the job done. And much like a true wingmate, this one keeps you looking looking your best, without anyone knowing it’s there.

We admire this modern approach “as the world’s first disposable collar stay.” Be on the lookout this fashion week to see who’s got a true “wingmate” by their side.

Visit to check them out and get your Wingmates

What Sparks our Fire: Solving our wardrobe issues, while keeping us looking good.

What are your thoughts on Wingmate?

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