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I don’t think I know anyone who has ever used it, but since 2010 Facebook has supported an email service that comes free with your Profile and Account. Unsurprisingly, Facebook recently decided to shelve the service due to low user numbers. The way they’re doing this, however, is slightly odd. Any email sent to your address will be routed to your original login email, so in essence, anyone who can find your Facebook can send an email to you.

According to representatives of Facebook, this will be less of a problem than it seems. According to Mashable, “We limit the number of messages a person can receive in their inbox from people they’re not connected to. We also have systems in place to detect spam, and will not forward messages that we think are spam. The external email provider will also do their own spam checks. People also have the ability to turn off forwarding once we roll this out in a few weeks.”

It remains to be seen if this is going to be a beneficial messaging change or a tidal wave of spam messages, but for the time being it’s good to know who is sending you any random messages you may receive.

What Sparks Our Fire: Knowledge is power.

Does this change worry you?

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