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Canopy: Branding, Design & Digital
  • PepsiCo Recycling

    Live Nation Summer 2017 Concert Series Activation

  • Work We Love

    Some shining work that never saw the light of day, or simply didn't have enough to be featured as a complete case study. Nevertheless, we're proud of them and think they're worthy of some valuable air time.

  • Blink Fitness

    Integrated campaign to introduce blink Fitness in NY Metro market.

  • Starbucks

    Digital Loyalty Program for Millennials encouraging them to purchase, drink and chill -- and get rewarded for it!

  • Hatch & Go

    Introduction of new innovative technology to help start-up companies grow.

  • Mountain Dew: Recycle & Recharge

    A high-energy activation for Mountain Dew and PepsiCo Recycling at the 2017 NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans.

  • Sinch – Premium Nightlife App

    Investor Team -- Create a seamless experience for people seeking VIP treatment for their night out on the town

  • Sierra Mist – Score & Pour Challenge

    Brand Team Challenge -- Drive top of mind awareness and boost social buzz for Sierra Mist

  • Ruskova – Always A Reason

    Category Buster Idea -- Reposition the brand as a multi-occasion product, and develop a disruptive campaign celebrating life’s most mundane moments

  • Primoya – Super Premium Wines

    CEO Vision -- To introduce and differentiate a new super premium line of beverages made from cherimoya fruit

  • KFC – So Good, So Rewarding

    We created a cause-marketing campaign, inviting consumers to do “something good”, and be rewarded for it. A cross-channel engagement that spanned from mobile application, out-of-home, in-store and online.

  • Volkswagen – Ink Small

    Ink efficient printers? I think so! Control it with a push of a button on your keychain. Stylish, and full of personality. A cutting edge advertising campaign that poses the question… Why think big, when you can “ink” small.

  • KFC Sparklers – Add Some Sparkle

    We posed the question to customers and patrons alike: Thirsty? Accompanied by fresh, thirst-quenching graphics, we integrated a Sparkler beverage station for global trade events, along with a microsite for markets to share their latest Sparkler renditions. Now, everybody’s thirst for more…

  • Instagram – A Filtered Life

    We invented a new line of sunglasses from the brand that revolutionized the art of filters. Fashionable, fun, friendly and fantastical. See life through a different lens…

  • Stoli – Pour with Purpose

    The How: To compete with the ultra premium vodkas, we needed to own a territory no one else could claim, so we focused on the unique freeze filtration process of the Elit product, and celebrated this by aligning the brand with a major global cause – the World Water Conservation fund. Out came a $2,000 bottle that unlocked invitations to online and offline experiences and events.

  • Pepsi – Touch, Drink, Refresh

    Invented a 360° brand experience, from the environmental graphics directing consumers at global KFCs, Pizza Huts and Taco Bells, to sales collateral, global guidelines and microsite. All with one goal, to provide an intuitive and consistent visual experience for the introduction of this new technology.

  • Ali & Kris – Reality Runway

    After completing in-market research with females 14-26 years old, we uncovered their passion for social activity, and flair for expressing themselves across multiple channels. The ‘Reality Runway’ positioning emerged, which informed the new website, an ongoing promotional sweepstakes, social media campaign and more.

  • O’Connor Davies – What Big Ears…

    Evolved the brand positioning by owning the insight of “listen & lead”. Developed a new website experience centering on the idea of thought leadership and guidance, along with a differentiating advertising campaign that focused on an acute sense of listening.

  • First Capital – Closer is Better

    We uncovered a key insight around momentum, and how important relationships are to maintain it. Out came a clever campaign that emphasizes the “closeness” we keep. Brought to life in advertising online, marketing collateral and digital correspondence. Because everyone loves to be close to someone.

  • Nokia – In the Know, On the Go

    Abiding by previously established guidelines, we developed a branding system that captures the dynamic nature of the technology, which we activated across collateral, banner advertising, trade show signage and print.

At Canopy, we're inspired by extraordinary thinkers and
doers... the great inventors. This is the sentiment behind our
"Ideas without Borders" approach. It's the passion that fuels our
creative thinking and the centerpiece for brand engagement.

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