More Than a Lock: The Must-Have Bike Accessory

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We’re big fans of Kickstarter, it’s a great platform for sharing new products that provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to garner loyalty and buy-in from potential future customers. Our newest favorite kickstarter project is the  Noke U-Lock.  This takes bike locks to the next level by completely eliminating the need for keys or codes. This bike lock is controlled through your smartphone allowing you to unlock it from your phone, share access to your bike with your friends, and control the alarm.. yes alarm. The app also provides GPS tracking to the lock, preventing you from ever forgetting where you left your bike. If your phone is within a few feet, when you push the button on the Noke U-Lock it senses your phone and instantly unlocks. When the Noke is shaken for more than 3 seconds or the wrong quick code is attempted more than 3 times, an alarm goes off that can be turned off from the app on your phone or the quick code on the lock, so your bike is always protected.

They’ve already met their target, which is great news for all you bikers who haven’t heard about it yet, support on kickstarter and get yours guaranteed before it hits the mass market.

What Sparks our Fire: A, well designed, incredibly useful accessory for bike riders everywhere.

Never Lose Your Wallet Again

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Let’s face it, we’ve all misplaced our wallet and felt that moment of panic. Where’s Wallet is a Kickstarter project that is eliminating that fear. Each wallet comes with a thin sensor that connects to the Where’s Wallet app. You can set a range and will be alerted when you step out of that range without your wallet. The app will help guide you back to your wallet. Even if you accidentally turn off the notification range, you can view where your wallet was last located. The wallets are sleek and stylish, and the app seems quite easy to use.

What Sparks our Fire:  Sleek design meets user-friendly technology.

Would you buy yourself this wallet?

An Object Of Desire: Elemoon

10636749_264615793729578_2573413548389599085_oWearable tech bracelets are often known to be rather bulky and downright ugly but not this time. Meet Elemoon, the jewelry that combines technology and style. Elemoon is a techy and pretty LED bracelet for the fashion conscious. Elemoon changes color to match your outfit, notifications, has step tracking (like fitbit), displays time and you can even use it to find your phone by swiping the bracelet when sync and it will make the phone emit a sound alert. You can also design individualized icons that light up when various contacts call or message you. For instance, set a heart when your boyfriend calls. Isn’t it fabulous. Inside Elemoon are an array of 75 brilliant LED lights that helps the accessory be colorful and stylish. In terms of battery usage, the magnetically charged device can last from one day to one week depending on user habits. We think the concept of Elemoon opens up the wearable market to a more fashionable crowd.  So, if you think Elemoon is something you could benefit from, visit the website now to pre-order to benefit from great deals.

What Sparks Our Fire: customizable jewelry that syncs with you

Would you consider bringing stylish technology to your wrist everywhere with Elemoon?

Food Without The Fuss

photo-main (1)Our kitchen has drastically changed over the last 30 years to make our lives easier when preparing meals. Now, there could be a new addition to our existing high tech equipment: a smart microwave/oven that can learn your habits and help you stay fit. It’s called the MAID oven (that stands for Make All Incredible Dishes), and it learns your tastes and habits.

MAID Oven is a Kickstarter project that met its $50,000 goal in just five days. The advanced oven has a list of recipes, and users can upload their own into the database. Once you’re ready to bake, the oven has settings to automatically set the temperature and cooking time for whatever dish you might be whipping up. The coolest feature the device offers is that MAID Oven can act as a pseudo health-conscious dietitian. Depending on your eating and fitness habits (it can sync with your smartphone or smart watch), the oven will make suggestions for meals that factor in your calorie intake and taste preferences. It has access to an unlimited number of recipes from the web so you don’t have to worry.

Another feature of the sophisticated oven is you can control it with your voice. You can actually tell the oven what’s for dinner — it’s got built-in voice recognition. It doesn’t end here. MAID Oven also comes with an accompanying smartphone app. This means you can get push alerts when your food is done cooking, adjust cook time and temperature settings from afar, or remotely activate/deactivate the oven while you’re away from home. Isn’t it magical? Feel free to check out MAID Oven baking pizza, pasta, and even cake in the Kickstarter’s demo video below.


MAID should be ready to go to market by Thanksgiving 2015. Hopefully you can deactivate the dietary suggestions for the holidays!

What Sparks Our Fire: A useful device with smart features and functionality that could truly make cooking easier, healthier, and more fun.

Will you be making some space in your kitchen for the MAID Oven?

The Invisible Umbrella


If you dream of a world where people use air-powered umbrellas to fight the rain, you can wake up. The future is now. To be honest, the umbrella is one of those gadgets that hasn’t really been updated much in the last 200 years. Sure, technological advancements have allowed them to become easier to handle and more durable, but overall, it’s pretty much the same deal. But a new Kickstarter campaign has launched an idea that changes the umbrella game completely. It is called the Air Umbrella and it makes use of the airflow to form an umbrella without a visible cover.

Put simply, the gadget releases air that pushes the rain away. Currently, there are three sizes of the Air Umbrella available: small, medium and large. You can also fit two people under the Air Umbrella. The air umbrella will be ready to launch by December 2015. Head over to the Air Umbrella Kickstarter page to find out more.

What Sparks Our Fire: Engineers that strive to bring innovation to the most basic objects.

Would you consider investing in an invisible umbrella once it becomes available?