Happy Halloween From Canopy


The team at Canopy would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween! Can you spot our logo? Here are some Halloween facts to get you in the mood:

  1. The word Halloween is a shortening of “Hallowed Evening”
  2. Originally you had to dance for your treat
  3. Halloween is more Irish than St. Patrick’s day
  4. Jack-o’-lanterns were made out of beets and potatoes – not pumpkins
  5. The largest pumpkin was grown in California and weighed 2,032 pounds
  6. The candy industry pushed for daylight savings through November so we could have as much light as possible

We hope you’ve enjoyed it.

What’s the most creative Halloween costume you’ve ever seen? Feel free to share.

Bop to our Beats

Calvin Harris – Summer | Listen for free at bop.fm

We love music. At Canopy we are constantly searching for new and different ways to access it. Streaming services, such as Spotify and Pandora, have become increasingly more popular. But, when it comes to curating personalized playlists and sharing our music, there are some limitations.

Bop.fm, which is still in beta, is an awesome service that streamlines the process of sharing songs and playlists. Instead of signing up for each service individually, you can use Bop.fm to play music from Spotify, Beats Music, Rdio, Soundcloud and/or YouTube. Playlists can be shared through social media, and unlike other streaming services, these playlists can be enjoyed by anyone, with or without an account. The playlists are embedded into Twitter and can be played without leaving your feed.

We’re excited to announce we’ll be sharing our office playlists on social media starting this Friday, be sure to check them out!

What Sparks our Fire: An easy way to share music with our dedicated followers.

Will you share your playlists using Bop.fm?