Minimalist Household


The concept of a micro-apartment is pretty much taking a closet, giving it a hip, name, hiding your bed in the wall, and bragging about how awesome it is to your friends. Well, you insufferable hipster, there’s an apartment in Madrid that not only saves space but creates a sense of constant movement and change in an attic apartment. So yeah, keep your Murphy bed.

Transparent walls slide along rails to create different rooms or separation between sections of the kitchen or living room. The ceiling is filled with drop-down accessories, and the upstairs has storage-trapdoors. The design team from Spanish architecture firm elii were fascinated by the idea of life as a performance and the home as a theater and “of giving the possibility to rehearse, perform and live as many lives as you want.”


What Sparks Our Fire: The way architects have begin to rethink and simplify living space design.

Would you customize your home using this new space saving design method?