Rediscover The Joy Of Smartphone Photography


With Foldable Studio aka Foldio you can become a pro photographer no matter where you are without having to rent a professional lighting sets. Foldio is an intuitive light box for photographers of all  levels, made possible by OrangeMonkie of South Korea and Los Angeles. The project was Kickstarter funded and received nearly 20 times its goal!

In a nutshell, Foldio is a one-of-a-kind mini photo studio for smartphones that allows anyone to take high quality pictures with a smartphone, anywhere, quickly, easily and at anytime. It eliminates issues of bad lighting, shadows, and gives you a seamless background. The perfect box for snapping awesome photos of your food, crafts, and much more, especially if you are going to sell online.


Foldio comes with a white wall and 1 or 2  built-in LED lights to give you just the right amount of light under any condition. The box unfolds to a 10.2” and works with a 9 Volt battery. When you are done, it folds like an envelope and can be easily stored into your backpack or a briefcase. Foldio comes with different color washable backdrops: black, white, and gray for impeccable pics. What is fun is you can even make your own backdrops with any paper or fabric.

What Sparks Our Fire: A portable tool allows us to share our creativity on-the-go.

Are you ready to rediscover the joy of smartphone photography with Foldio?