The Reverse Commute

equs-cargo-motorcycle-winner-of-the-red-dot-design-award-2014We all know the advantages of motorcycles over cars. There are easy to park, take up less space in the garage, require less gas, and tend to be much cheaper. One major downfall is the number of passengers or belongings a bike can carry each ride. Since we are in the age of high-tech design innovation, it is no surprise someone had the excellent idea of how to tackle one of the issues…

Meet EQUS, an electric cargo motorcycle created by three designers that allows you to bring along a variety of goods on your commute, while running errands or just out for a spin. The bike’s structure was built in reverse with a remote steering designed around a convenient cargo area between the rider’s seat and the front fork. The cargo section can carry objects of different shapes, volume and weight. And you know what’s even better? It’s environment-friendly.

The team wanted to develop a vehicle that would contribute to better mobility in large cities while allowing riders to bring everything of importance with them. Get all details about the unique EQUS design, colors available for purchase and different features here.

What Sparks Our Fire:
  A bike that maximizes convenience and functionality while reducing your carbon footprint.

What do you think of EQUS and if you could add an additional function, what would it be?

Brew High Quality Coffee Without Electricity


 Making espresso at home is a must for any legitimate coffee aficionado. But most importantly being in control of the coffee quality is the ultimate goal of a coffee lover.

Introducing the ROK, a creative award winning espresso making, non electric, with a clever hand pump system that allows you the freedom to choose any coffee you want and control how much coffee oils are released through the pressure you apply.

The ROK is beautifully packaged in a large stylish reusable tin, perfect for transporting. The kit is built with stainless steel and includes everything you need from a reusable container, milk frother, scoop/tamper, and double spout. With its timeless design, the ROK comes with a 10 year warranty certificate.

What Sparks Our Fire: A earth-friendly way to brew espresso without the use of electricity and creating less waste.

Are you ready to make the best coffee of you’ve ever had with the ROK?

Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home

Imagine you enter your home, and your apartment turns on the lights or, you wake up in the morning and your favorite music starts playing. And while you are getting ready, your coffee machine makes your favorite cup to grab before you leave home. With Airfy Beacon, you can do just that: transform your home into a smart home. The device works in conjunction with an app and is connected via Bluetooth Low Energy communication and IFTTT.

So, with Airfy Beacon, you can turn on your music, the lights, the thermostat, the TV based on your proximity, the number of people in your home, and time. One of the perks is the battery life of an Airfy Beacon is approximately 1.5 years. Watch the video to get familiar with the product.

What Sparks Our Fire: An app and gadget that cater to you and help you save energy

Are you ready to turn your home into a smart spot?